How do I change my Event Name or Thon Details?


Once you logged in as an Organizer on your Anython page, click the "more" tab and “Edit Event” in the top right corner. Then you can find your name and change your name.  You can also change your Password, Picture, Email, Address, Event Description and other pieces of your Anython.  The one thing you cannot change is your minimum and maximum units—this is because sponsors have already pledged between the set boundaries, and changing those amounts without their permission is illegal.  You will need to start over with your Thon if that is the case.

Note: if you do change your Event Name, it will not change the URL that is linked to your thon event because the event page has already been created and shared with others.  You will need to start over if you want the URL to change.  If you have more questions, please ask us below.

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