Can I send an update to only certain Facebook friends?


Yes!  We are going to show you how below.

  1. Copy and paste your Anython link into your Facebook status update (your picture title and picture and description will automatically appear).  Then you can delete the link and type your own message.
  2. Click the “Public” button at the bottom right and select “Custom” from the drop-down.
  3. A window will pup up that allows you to only show your post to certain people, or hide your post from certain people that you choose.
  4. You can also add people you want to hide from your post, or add friends you want to share your page with.  After you are finished, click “Save Changes.”
  5. This will take your back to your post.  If you hover the mouse over the “Custom” button again, you’ll see the people you chose to share/hide.  That’s it!  Now you can continue sharing your page with people who want to see it.

Note: you will need to do this each time you post from your Anython page since these are Facebook settings, not our settings.

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