What happens to my Thon after I withdraw money?


Don’t worry.  Nothing will change on your page.  You can withdraw funds at any time during your Anython and it will not shut off or cancel your page.  Your goal will stay the same and your amount raised will still increase as you receive money.  Funds will come before and after your Thon is over, so it is important not to cancel your account when the event is over.  You can also hook up your bank account to WePay to receive funds daily or weekly directly to your account. For all thons that raise money for non-profits, however, the funds will be sent to that organization by us monthly. Most of your funds will come in the first week after your Anython.

You can also Post Updates to update your sponsors and push for new donations throughout your Anython.  You can also update your goal on the “Edit” page.

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