Transactional Fees


A WePay account in automatically created for you when you set your Anython if you click "I'm raising money for a personal group/cause" when you create your Thon. You will get an email from WePay to confirm your address and finish setting up your account. You must hook up a bank account within 30 days of creating your event or you will not be able to receive any more funds from donors.  Once you set it up, you can withdraw funds daily, weekly or monthly.  WePay charges a single fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 for each donation.  This is a competitive rate for credit card fees. Your donors will NEVER BE CHARGED for their pledge to you.  This is all done after the payment is processed into your WePay account.  Remember, Anython’s goal is to have a seamless fundraising event that makes your sponsors hear about you easily and pledge quickly. Every payment you receive goes straight into your WePay account, and you can click “Withdraw” on top of your Anython page to go to your WePay account and request a check or transfer funds to your bank. 

If you are raising money for a non-profit, our partner FirstGiving charge a 4% fee to process and deliver all charity donations. FirstGiving will send a check to their address associated with their EIN number automatically from the money you raised from your Anython.  FirstGiving will prepare and issue payments to charities every month on the 19th. In regards to your check fee, FirstGiving disperses your first two checks at no charge. Any funds dispersed via check after the initial two checks are sent is subject to a $20 check fee.

If you don’t get any pledges, you will not be charged anything from anyone.

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