What if I can't find my non-profit or 501C3 on the list?


You must use the registered name instead of the DBA name.  Our list of non-profits is federally updated every quarter with every single one in America.  There are a few reasons why people can't find there organizations.  First, the organization might have a DBA (doing business as) name that you are looking up instead of the real name.  For instance, "Redemption Church" is actually a DBA for "East Valley Church."  Make sure to look up the real name of the Organization before searching for them on the list.  If you still can't find it, you can contact our team with the Name and EIN (tax id number) of the non-profit, and we will send a message to First Giving to find out.


The organization you searched for does not appear in our charity database.  We partner with FirstGiving to process donations for 501(c)(3) organizations.  If you are an employee of this organization, please visit this link to add your organization to FirstGiving’s nonprofit database.  If you don’t work for the organization, please share this information with them.


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