4 Steps to a Successful Thon


1)   Tell a great story!  A creative Thon idea with a great story or reason behind it will attract the most people.  Have thorough, use pictures and videos, and tell a compelling story for why you are doing the Thon.

2)   Don’t do it alone!  Have as many participants join as you as possible.  The more the better.

3)   Share on Facebook, Twitter and email.  And make sure to Thank people when they pledge you.

4)   Update people on your progress.  You will have the opportunity to share updates throughout your Thon, so make sure to take advantage of it.  People need to know your progress, how close you are to your goal, and see fun pictures or videos of your progress.  Anython has all those tools for you to remind and thank people along the way.  Good luck!

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