What are the Anython fees?


Anython charges a percentage of the funds raised based on the level of service that we are offering.  This amount is different for Individuals, Teams, Groups, Colleges and Non-Profits. 

Our site fees does not include transaction fees. (You're transactional fees can be covered by clicking "Allow sponsors to pay an optional processing fee")

For Anython Plus Thons where a Anython Representative will be putting on your Thon, you will be charged 30%. If 70% of your participants participate, then you will receive an extra 7%, so a total of 77%, once your Thon is finished. Please ask your representative for details. Would you like to speak to a representative? Please email contact@anython.com.

Remember: all of this setup is coordinated within your Anython page, so don’t worry about going elsewhere or the hassle of following up with sponsors.  Let us do the heavy lifting.  Also, no sponsors will have to pay any fees.

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