What if someone doesn’t participate in their Anython or meet the minimum units for my pledge?


If any participant cannot take part in the Anython, they are gone, sick, hurt, or they don’t earn the minimum units for the Anython, they will receive an automatic minimum amount as their Anython result.  This means that your pledges will stay at the minimum payments so that the cause can still be supported.  For instance, if you are going to run between 5 and 30 miles, and you only complete 3 because you got hurt, you will still get the minimum result of 5 miles.

On the other hand, if you complete more than the maximum units allowed, you will only receive the maximum units to protect sponsors from paying too much.

We do not refund sponsors if a participant was unable to take part in their Anython, and this is not considered fraudulent or fishy (sometimes issues just happen and you can still give to the cause).  If you have further questions, you can contact us and are happy to help!

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